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Kawai KS 11 XL

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The Owners Gallery

It’s not just me - there are other Kawai fans out there in the world.  There are links here to a few other owners, their stories and photos of their guitars ... just click on the guitar ...


Most of the pics are in here now.  In time, clicking on each of the pics will load more detailed information about the guitar, some larger photos, and a bit of history from the owner.


Steve Pearce’s Aquarius AQ-505

Picture 001


RnR Star 001 sml

Tim Gentle’s KS11XL

Tim G ks11xl

Marco’s KS11XL

Marco ks11xl

Jos’ KS10Jr

Jos KS10Jr

Alain’s KS11XL

Alain B ks11xl

Simon’s KS11Jr


Franks’s KS11XL

Frank in Bremen

Jonah’s KS12XL

Jonah ks12

Chris’ 12-string Aquarius

Chris 12 Str Aq 2

Kenneth’s AQ500

Kenneth Aq

Dave’s F-I

David Colas F (2)

Mark’s collection (3)

Mark W unknown

Stefan’s F-I Jr

Stefan Ludes F

Joe’s AQ605

Joe US Aq

Denis’ collection (5)


Colm’s KS12XL


Colm ks12xl

Darren’s KS11XL

Darren ks11xl

Dave’s KS12XL

Dave ks12xl

Denes’ F

Denes F

Dimi’s Rock n Roll Star

Dimi RnR

Fabienne’s KS12Jr

Fabienne ks12Jr

Jack’s F-I Jr

Jack F

Jan’s Archtop

Jan archtop

Jens’ F-I Jr

Jens F

Ken’s F-I

Ken F Series

Kevin’s F-I_Jr

Kevin F

Lachlan’s Rock n Roll Star

Lachlan RnR

Malinda’sF-I Double-neck

Malinda dble F

Michele’s Performer

Michele - performer

Murray’s KS11XL


Murray ks11xl

Nick’s Aquarius Bass

Nick Aq bass

Paul’s Aquarius

Paul Gina Aq 2

Peter’s F-I Double-neck

Peter F dbl

Peter’s Performer

Peter performer

Ray’s pair

Ray KS10 & F

Richard’s Aquarius

Richard Aq

Richard’s KS11XL

Richard ks11xl

Satch’s Aquarius

Satch Aq 2

Sean’s Aquarius Bass

Sean Aq bass

Sergey’s Moonsault

Sergey moon

Sergio’s Aquarius

Sergio Aq

Stefan’s F-I Jr

Stefan Ludes F

Steven’s F-I

Steven F

Stewart’s KS12XL

Stewart ks12xl

Stuart’s Aquarius

Stuart Aq

Toddy’s Rock n Roll Star

Toddy RnR

Willy’s Aquarius

Willy Aq

















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