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Kawai KS 11 XL

Kawai F-V

The  Guitars

This site only covers the Kawai Guitars from the late 1970s and early 1980s.  That’s all that I’m really interested in, all that I’ve taken the time to  research and summarise on this site.

I know nothing about the earlier guitars, including the oddly shaped, multi-pickup-ed and many-switched models of the 1960s, and the various acoustics.  Sorry - I can’t help you with those!

So what guitars did Kawai make in the late 1970s and early 1980s?

Starting with the “KS” range;
Kawai Guitars KS Range
(That’s my original KS-12XL, second from left).

Then the “Aquarius” range, like these;

Kawai Guitars Aquarius

And then - and finally - the “F” range, like these;

Kawai Guitars F

The ranges

The photos above just show a few of the models available in each of the ranges.  There’s more information on the following pages;

Kawai Guitar KS range

Kawai Guitar Aquarius range

Kawai Guitar F range

Kawai Guitar Rock’n’Roll Star

Kawai Moonsault

This is a personal hobby site and has no connection with the Kawai company