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Happy to hear from you ...

I’m more than happy to hear from you - whether it’s to add some more detail about these guitars, to send me pics and stories about your Kawai guitars, to ask questions, or just to say “thanks, been looking for info on Kawai Guitars for years”!

You can reach me here;

info  @  kawaiguitars.com

Here are some answers

No, I don’t do mind-reading, but - based on quite a few of the emails that I’ve received over the years - I’m going to try to answer some of the more common questions here.

What is my guitar?

If your guitar looks completely different to anything else that’s on this site, even if it has the Kawai name on the headstock, then it’s unlikely that I’m going to be able to tell you anything about it.  The Kawai name appeared on a lot of guitars through the 1960s and early 1970s, most of had 2, 3, or more single coil pickups, and a number of slider switches.  I know nothing about those.  Neither do I know anything about the Jazzy archtop guitars which also bore the Kawai name on the headstock.  Sorry.  I’m still happy to receive the photos and stories, but I won’t be able to tell you anything about the model, when it was built, what woods it used, how many exist today, or (and this is probably the most common question) ...

How much is my Kawai Guitar worth?

If you’ve just bought it - as much as you paid.
If you’re looking to sell it - as much as someone else will pay you for it.

Sorry, but there really is no reliable guide to the value of these guitars.  They are so rare that they’re almost priceless - you’ll look for a long time to find another.  But they are so rare that there is no established market for them, and so no history of deals (on evilBay on anywhere else) to get a typical price.

Your treasured Kawai guitar may have a lot of history and sentimental value to you, but that doesn’t mean that someone else will pay a high price to own it - it probably won’t have the same value to them.

I’ve seen Aquarius guitars not sell for 60.  I still kick myself for not buying the mint KS-11XL for 350 all those years ago.  I’ve seen F-Vs on that popular on-line auction site sell for c100. 

Where can I find spares for my Kawai?

If you’re looking for period-genuine spare parts, then set up a search on evilBay and hope you get lucky.  You’ll probably come across something similar from the same era that will fit your Kawai.  You’re very unlikely to get Kawai-branded parts though - they didn’t use them in the first place! 

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