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Site Updates - what & when


February - new site launched. 


No updates all year ... but I did reply to emails!


4th September 2010 - a couple of new additions to my collection
28th February 2010 - apologies to all for the lack of updates - loads of pics to add and not enough time!
3rd January 2010 - another Kawai guitar for sale in the for sale section


14th November - added a new owner's gallery (Joe) and a FOR SALE section.
5th November - Kenneth has just emailed me to say that he needs to sell his Kawai Aquarius. If anyone here is interested, contact me, and I'll put you in touch with Kenneth.
25th October - added more content to the Owners Gallery - thanks to Dave, Mark and Stefan (in Spain, Switzerland and Germany respectively).
24th October - I've added a Guesbook for any comments about the site, or Kawai guitars.
20th September - And another Kawai just added to the collection ... a Rock 'n' Roll star!
14th September - I've just bought another Kawai to add to my collection. Details to follow when it arrives!
10th September - added a section on the Aquarius range, and added new owner galleries.
2nd September - added a video of the UK's 1979 Eurovision Entry - Black Lace playing "Mary Ann" and using a Kawai KS-12-XL. Perhaps this video would have been better forgotten ...
19th August - I've been contacted by a book published who is planning a guitar book for publication later this year. They are looking for hi-res photos of Kawai guitars, so if you've got a Kawai Moonsault or an Aquarius - ideally in good original condition - and could provide a couple of photos - please let me know!
16th August - added new owner gallery, featuring Frank's (in Bremen) KS-11 with a different headstock.
16th August - added new owner gallery, featuring Jonah's (in Wales) black KS-12-XL


KawaiGuitars.com is launched!

This is a personal hobby site and has no connection with the Kawai company