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Valuing Kawai Guitars

Probably half of the emails that I receive ask for an idea of the value of a particular Kawai guitar.

It’s more or less impossible to put a certain value on these guitars because they are so rare.  Unlike other guitars of the same era (Yamaha SG1000/2000 would be a good comparison), there aren’t many Kawais around today.  Which means that there’s really no well established market where these guitars are regularly bought and sold, thereby setting prices.

Although Kawais are rare, that doesn’t make them automatically valuable.  If anything, Kawais are too rare and too few people know about them.  Hence demand can be low, which keeps the prices (value) down too.  Sorry!

I’ll add some more detail here over the coming weeks and months, and will list guitars that I see on eBay and their selling prices ...




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