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This site covers Kawai Guitars from the late 1970s and early 1980s - the KS10, KS11, KS12, Aquarius and F-I, F-III, F-V models.  There is also a little information on the rare Moonsault and (even more rare) Rock’n’Roll guitars.

I’m always very happy to receive emails from owners of the Kawai guitars covered on the site - whether just to say “hi, I’ve got one too”, to ask any questions about the guitars which aren’t answered on the site, or to suggest any other content for the site.

I’m afraid I know nothing about the Acoustics or the various 1960s Tesico-alike models, don’t have the time or interest to research those to be able to add them to the site and so can’t help you with questions about those - sorry.

Finally, this is a personal site, with no connection to the Kawai company.  The site isn’t finished (and probably never will be) and updates will be infrequent as and when I get the time.


Where it all started ...

Kawai Guitars

My first real guitar was a Kawai (a KS-12XL).  A few years ago, I thought I’d try to find out a little more about the guitar that I’d been playing for about 30 years, and so spent many unsuccessful hours trawling through the internet looking for more information.

I found nothing.

Actually, that’s not quite true.  I found loads and loads and loads of “stuff” (much of which, I wish I hadn’t found!), but I found virtually nothing about Kawai Guitars.

So I set-up this website, firstly to store the information that I did manage to uncover and secondly to make it available to anyone else who might be interested.  Since I launched the site in 2008 I’ve received emails from Kawai Guitar owners all over the world - people who were also searching for more information about their guitars.

Hopefully, this website has some useful information, some interesting stories and some helpful photos for others looking to learn a little bit more about their Kawai Guitars.

Please do get in touch.  It’s great to hear your stories and memories of these great guitars and see your photos.  If you have questions please check here first, but I’m happy to try to answer other questions via email.

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This is a personal hobby site and has no connection with the Kawai company